Fun Fun Family Day at My House!

Every once in a while the stars line up and you hold your mouth just right and a fantastic day happens.

Today was that day!

I’ve written before about my former mother-in-law, Betty Jean, here. She recently passed away and we are missing her terribly but we decided to have a get-together just to all enjoy each other’s company. I had done a colored pencil portrait of Betty years ago and it was sitting in a folder in my office, so I got it out and had it framed for my (former) father-in-law. (And as a side note, I’m going to stop saying “former” right now because I’ve stayed close to my married family all along.)

So today was D-Day… Daubenmire Day… at my house. And like I said, I held my mouth just right and it was a gorgeous day with NO RAIN. A minor miracle this summer in Ohio.

Now I learned a few choice recipes from Betty over the years, so that’s what I made for lunch today. You might call them ‘sloppy joes’ but Betty always called them Spanish Hamburgers. And nary a work day or moving day ever went by that Betty didn’t show up with a crockpot full of them. Served on big fat hamburger buns with lots of dill pickles, of course. And Lay’s Potato Chips. I made more than we could possibly eat so no one would go hungry.

Side dishes? Fresh green beans cooked in chicken stock with some diced potatoes and corn cut right off the cob. Yum. I even threw in a can of kidney beans for a little flair. And then a great big dish of mac and cheese for the picky kids. Always a crowd-pleaser. On the fresh-food front was a salad of tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. Which we polished off after devouring a platter of taco dip with tortilla chips.

Thanks to Kroger Bakery we had a huge Chocolate Chip Cake, a Pineapple Upside Down Cake, some powdered donuts and a tray of mini cupcakes. All of which disappeared in no time. Makes it easier to clean up, doncha think?

And if I’m not mistaken, my brother-in-law Mike was humming while he ate. “This is the same food Mom always cooked,” he exclaimed. Ummm… duh… that was the point! I’m glad it worked!

Dozens of cans of Diet Coke, Sweet Tea and Sparkling Water kept everyone cool for the afternoon. And boy did the little girls have fun in that tub of ice! Thankfully all the moms and dads are pretty laid back and just snapped photos while the little girls drenched themselves and splashed away.

I wish you could all have been here… it was that fun!


We started off by giving my father-in-law, Bill, the portrait of Betty. Naturally that was a tear-jerker, but we expected that. You can’t live a good life without shedding a few tears, so we cry and then we laugh. It’s all good.

Bill & Starr Betty portrait2

I LOVE my father-in-law. He’s been a real father to me for most of my life (which means I am a fortunate person to have had TWO wonderful dads!) and I treasure him. He turned 88 last week and I hope he’s around for a good long time. Here he is with his youngest son Mike, who drove him to my house today…

Mike and Dad

Then… everyone else at the party today was the offspring of either me or my sister-in-law, Becky. Here we are with her new grandbaby, Mac (Macon William – after my FIL.)

Starr, Becky, Mac

My three kids (Bill, Brad & Ellyn) all came with their broods and Becky and her husband Mike brought the Patriarch, Bill and their daughter Amanda, who has Meredith (2) and Mac (4 weeks.) Becky’s son Michael couldn’t make it.

Now we don’t get together too often, so this was a special treat indeed. My two youngest grands, who I call “the little girls” hooked up with Meredith and had a blast. And even though I have a very small apartment, I have a pretty nice yard and they ran wild all afternoon. I can only hope they sleep good tonight!

OK, I’ll shut up and show you some pics…

This is my niece Amanda and her new babe

Amanda & Mac July 2015

This is my daughter Ellyn with niece Grace

Ellyn & Grace 2

Here is my oldest grand daughter Josey – the original Princess!

Jo Jo

And my first grandchild, AJ – who is 16 and is DRIVING!!! I can’t believe it!


Of course you must see one of the world’s cutest babies… Macon William – he is a precious chunk!

Gorgeous Mac!

We also had our “little girls” whose parents would rather not have their photos online. But what a delight it was to watch them run and play all afternoon! I’m old enough to know when to store up memories now and today was a day for that. To have my grands here… and my niece and her babes… and my in-laws who still claim me… I’m tellin’ you… life doesn’t get any better than that.

It’s been a long day but a very precious one. And I’m gonna have real sweet dreams tonight. The family came together… we had enough food for an army… everyone is healthy… and I love them all so much that I am just overflowing with gratitude.

All I can say is thanks for reading what I write here. And I hope you have such good days in store in your future. I’ll be in a nice warm family cocoon when I go to bed tonight. Thank you, Big Bill, Michael, Becky, Amanda, Bill, Brad, Ellyn, AJ and Josey for making me have such a wonderful day. I love you all.

Bill & Starr 3

PS… If you have a grand daughter named Josey you can’t say “sloppy joes” – it is “sloppy joseys!”

PPS… Remember to hold your mouth just right and your dreams might just come true!!!

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