More Hampton Garden

I’ve been working some outside at my new place between the raindrops and making some progress. Got a few new perennials in, the hibiscus planted in the big ole mosaic pot and added a shasta daisy to the hosta border. Ellyn tells me to “stuff it full” so it looks like a proper English Cottage Garden and I am taking orders here. And while I was out today a neighbor I had never met pulled over to the curb and shouted to me from her car…

“I’ve been waiting and watching for you to get your garden ready,” she said.

“Why, thank you!” I replied.

“I don’t know what you’re planting but I just love to drive by your place and have a look. Please keep it going!”

“Well, I will,” I said. “And I’m so happy you enjoy it!”

Then off she drove and I have no idea who she even is! But isn’t that nice feedback…

And since I haven’t had time to sketch in my new bitty garden yet, I’m still posting pics of my former Hampton Garden because those sketches were never on this blog before and I want to record them. Here’s a few more from the original Garden Sketch Journal:

Bluebells…. I only had a very small bunch of these spring-blooming beauties and I didn’t even plant them. They just came up one time in my front flowerbed so I had to thank some random bird for leaving the seeds there. These bluebells were simply glorious. Papery thin blooms that swayed in the wind. I would stop every time I walked by them to enjoy their unexpected presence. The color was stunning and it mesmerized me.

However, my daughter and I decided to transplant them to make way for a new cherry-red Knockout Rose. We moved the bluebells to the side of the house next to the peonies. The Rose – it was spectacular. Grew to new heights every year. But the bluebells… no. They withered and died. They didn’t like their new spot. And I haven’t tried to grow them since but I just may have to try again.


Another volunteer in my garden was this Spiderwort. It came up unexpectedly right next to my favorite chair in the back garden. The leaves were tall and spikey and the blooms were like miniature iris in a purplish blue. It took me a while to figure out what it was but I fell in love with it. AND… it turned out you could crush the leaves and rub them on insect bites. It was wonderful to relieve the itching the mosquitoes caused!


And yes, I had some lovely Stella D’oro near the front porch. They are like a wonderful early day lily in golden yellow. Such a cheerful welcome to the beginning of the floral parade of the season. I am especially fond of them since my name in Italian is Stella. And Stella D’oro means “star of gold.” I can’t think of anything nicer for a namesake.

stella d'oro

And one more plant for today is Spirea Japonica or “Little Princess.” We planted a group of four of them directly in front of the porch. They don’t get too big but they get the most delicious pink blooms in June every year. And if you keep them cut back they will bloom forever. This little bunch was the foundation planting in front of the house for over 20 years. Until the new homeowner uprooted them to plant petunias. Which should actually be a crime. O. M. G. I simply have no words for someone who doesn’t understand a foundation plant from an annual. So I just won’t drive by anymore and look at such a travesty. At least I have the same dwarf spirea at my new house as the front foundation planting and I enjoy it everyday.


Time now to go out and water the new garden plants but I have much more to share from the Hampton Garden days. And once I get that all down we’ll move on. Always gotta keep moving forward. Nice to reminisce, but need to look to the future as well. I love the past, but I love the future even more. Lots of sketches to do yet! Need to fill those books! And I thank everyone who follows along on my journey here. Be back soon!

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