Painting Trip, Day 10

(Note – I’m really far behind now… the place where I’m staying lost their internet service, so I have some catching up to do.)

The first thing I did this morning (Wed, Sep 16, 2015) was get up and take some photos of my BnB because it is so beautiful and now my camera is working again.

Here’s the front staircase when you first walk in. I have a key to the front door because the homeowners don’t come and go that way.

Carl Rd staircaseHere’s my bedroom…

Carl Rd bedroom 2with a beautiful desk in the corner…

Carl Rd desk 1and of course I have my own “princess makeup seat” in the master bath…

Carl Rd master bath 1And should I get bored, all I have to do is go out to the library for a book, a cup of tea, or a choice of one of the hundred or so movies on disc in the cupboard…

Carl Rd library 1Downstairs, Harriet has a nice collection of shells in an antique cabinet…

Carl Rd shell cabinetAnd she loves china teacups as much as I do…

Carl Rd teacupsAnd what would a Victorian home be without a Silver Service???

Carl Rd Silver ServiceThe kitchen is the gathering place, of course…

Carl Rd kitchenDon’t you feel sorry for me having to “rough it” in this private home???

Good grief, how did I even find this place??? I’m a little bug in a rug here!

So… it’s day 10 of my trip and day 2 of the Colley Whisson workshop. I got to the gallery in time to get the last parking place, but as soon as I walked around back I was discouraged. Believe it or not, a landscaping company had come in and aerated and seeded the entire lawn. It was a muddy mess.

All of us were walking through muck to get set up and I was feeling kind of grumpy from not sleeping the night before. In fact, I parked my gear under the shade tree and went and sat in a rocking chair on the porch to think whether I even wanted to set up at all. I still hadn’t decided when Colley said he was going to start the morning demo.

Colley and I were both getting a cup of coffee on the porch when the gallery owner’s dog came charging out the back door, growling and nipping at Colley. I jumped back and blurted, “WHO’S DOG IS THAT????” Boy it made me mad! I can’t stand it when people think their precious fur baby “won’t hurt a fly” and here he is snarling and baring his teeth.

Colley was much nicer than I felt. He made light of it and went on back to the shelter to start the demo. It was standing room only. I took a place where I could stand on one foot and then the other and felt kind of miserable. Then… the construction guys next door started up a chain saw. No one could hear a thing.

So now we’ve got mud… a mad dog… and a chain saw blaring nearby…

All of a sudden I felt like I had to get out of there so I walked to the car, leaving all my gear sitting in the yard, and drove back to my BnB. I had reached my limit and I needed a break. I climbed in the bed and fell asleep for an hour.

When I woke up I felt refreshed and ready to go. I drove back to the gallery but of course I had lost my parking place. I parked a few blocks away in the church parking lot. But it wasn’t a bad walk to the gallery.

As soon as I rounded the corner into the gallery back yard I ran straight into Colley. “Did you miss me?” I asked.

Colley looked at me sheepishly and asked, “did you go somewhere?”

“Yeh, but I’m back and I’ll go get started,” I replied.

I set up my easel and quickly did my stage one painting while everyone ate lunch. I was caught up in no time.

Actually, Colley doesn’t have to babysit me. He spends a lot of time with some people because he has to do a lot of corrections on their painting and he wants to teach while he’s doing that. Mostly with me he’ll point out weak points and tell me how to do it differently and then I do it.

So I caught up right away and all was well.

The rest of the afternoon passed very quickly and soon it was time to pack up again. I swear all this schlepping gear is the worst part of the whole thing.

Someone pointed out a gravel lot near the back yard and said we could load and unload there since it was so much closer. That looked good to me.

I tore down my gear, lugged it all back to that gravel lot and began to walk to my car. But when I passed that gravel driveway out front (that goes back to that gravel lot) there was a large pickup and trailer parked in the drive that you couldn’t get around. I saw a worker walking by and waved at him to ask what he deal was. He waved back and kept on going.

That’s just GREAT.

I’m exhausted, my feet hurt and now I gotta go run this guy down. I walked to the back of the house and knocked. He tried to ignore me but I could see him. Ha! He finally came to the door and I asked him if he was going to be there for a while and I told him I had gear out back to load up.

“Not my problem, lady,” he said. “And I ain’t backing this trailer anywhere until I’m done.”

My heart sank but I just said OK and went back to where my gear was. I had it carried back out front in a few trips. Now I just had to go get the car and come and pick it up. When the worker saw me schlepping he said, “sorry, lady.” And I said, “yeh, I know.” I don’t think he was all that sorry or he would have helped me. He was an able-bodied man younger than my own sons. So I just gimped along and let him watch. There’s always karma, you know…

I decided what I needed was a glass of wine and a hot meal. I had looked up restaurants in the next town to see what the choices were. I chose JJ’s Wine Bar. The neat thing about this place is the wine bottles are in automated machines with your choice of pour. There are a lot of selections of white wines, red wines and premium wines. You can choose a 1 ounce taste, a 5 ounce half glass or a 7¼ ounce full glass. They give you a wine “card” that goes into the machine and keeps your tab.

wine choices 1

I tried a half glass of White Bordeaux from France to start. Quite citrusy, but not a good buy here. They are charging you $7.20 for a 5 ounce glass when the whole bottle sells for $8. The wine itself is only rated 3.9. That’s a cheapo wine…

White Bordeaux price 1

I was sitting at a table on the front porch and when I went back in, I wanted to try a premium wine. I looked to find the most expensive… It was a 2012 Palazzo White Blend from Napa Valley. A full glass would cost $34 but I got a 1 ounce “taste” for $4.70. It was an excellent fruity wine with a long finish featuring strong peach and pineapple flavors. JJ’s is still overcharging since you can buy a bottle of this for $55, but I guess that’s how they make their money to stay in business.

Palazzo price 2

The waiter was very genial and talked me into ordering food. I got the Black and Blue Flatbread, which was herbed cheese on the flatbread, topped with thinly sliced beef, then shredded mozzarella and blue cheese and sprinkled with burgundy onions. Very tasty! I got a half glass of 2013 Malbec from Argentina to go with it. This is a pretty juicy, berry-flavored, moderately tannic wine. This 5 ounce glass cost $7.50 but again was overpriced since the entire bottle costs $10-$11. JJ’s is charging that for one full glass so it is at least a 400% markup. Of course, that’s at retail price. A wine bar like this surely gets a discount case price or more for volume purchases. Now we’re talking 500-600% markup. That’s bogus. I don’t need high prices to make me think I’m getting something special. Forget that.

Malbec price 1

I had a good time at JJ’s but wouldn’t go back just because the pricing is out of line. I would enjoy looking up the wines myself and buying a bottle at one-third to one-fourth the price. I can sit on my own patio and enjoy a glass of wine just as nicely, thank you very much. The only thing special about this place was the service and that was dependent on one waiter who might not always be there. I hope they pay him well.

So I took my leftovers, drove back to my room and drew a steaming hot bath. It was good to soak until I couldn’t keep my eyes open and then fall into bed.

It was a great day of painting even if lugging all the stuff is hard on me. Here’s my painting from today…

interior Colley scene by Starr

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. becky daubenmire
    Sep 21, 2015 @ 09:48:24

    I for one, have enjoyed reading your blogs everyday as you post. What an adventure-you are brave and an inspiration!Love ya Becky


  2. Patti
    Sep 21, 2015 @ 18:46:19

    As Becky,I have too. It has been such a great experience for you…minus the sore feet and lugging of supplies!! That worker needed some lessons in being a gentleman…so sad! Was he BLIND?! You have made this experience so interesting to me and have loved reading it Loving the pictures of your trip and the continual shock of the $$ of your meals!! Quite an interesting way to serve wine! That staircase was so lovely, not to mention everything else. Boy, Starr, makes me want to “hit the road”! Thanks so much for letting us get a little of the adventure too! Love ya! Patti ❤


  3. Amanda
    Oct 05, 2015 @ 08:22:05

    I loved reading about your adventure! How very exciting!


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