The Birth of the Twins, Part 4 of 4

Sooo…. Here’s what happened between the births of baby number one and baby number two… from what I could piece together afterwards…

Like I said, Twin One, Billy, had been born and was across the room in an incubator. I knew he was full sized and healthy and relief had washed over me. Now it was just a matter of Twin Two joining us.

As the minutes passed I had no idea that it was getting to be a dangerous situation. Yes, baby number one had presented as “posterior” but that wasn’t so unusual and he was here now. What I didn’t know was that baby number two was breech and trying to come out butt first. The clock was ticking and baby number two was stuck.

Without warning, the anesthesiologist knocked me out and the doc reached in to get baby number two out. He pushed the baby back in far enough to unfold his legs and pull him out that way. My husband was still at my side and noticed that I was suddenly asleep. “Is she still alive?” he asked.

“Of course,” said the knock-out doc. “But it was time to get that baby out of there before he drowned.”

Other than that, I don’t know what happened in the room. All I know is my next recollection was some nurse leaning down on my stomach like she was trying to kill me. I woke up hollering and realized I was alone in the room with Nurse Ratchet.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

Nurse Ratchet ignored me and continued to push on me.

“Quit it!” I yelled. “That hurts!”

Suddenly I was being wheeled down the hall and my husband was running by my side.

“What was it?” I asked.

But Bill was in some sort of la la land and was ignoring me.

“Hey!” I yelled again. “What was the second baby???”

Bill looked at me from far away and said “a boy! It’s a boy!”

“Alive?” I asked fearfully.

“Yes,” he answered. “We have two boys!” I sank back onto the cart in relief and closed my eyes.

And I can tell you what happened next, but before I do, I have to tell you about what happened out in the waiting room during the birthing time…

When baby number one was born, it was after midnight so all was quiet in the hospital except for my many relatives hanging tight outside the maternity ward doors.

I do think they had been told that we had gone into the delivery room and my sister-in-law Karen was standing at the double doors that went back to delivery. She had her ear pressed tight and when she heard a baby’s cry she turned and said to the waiting crowd, “it sounds like a girl!” Everyone cheered.

Then nothing. That 25 minutes between babies was a long time for everyone. And those “everyones” were getting worried. They couldn’t imagine what was happening until my husband Bill appeared in his scrubs and made the announcement… BOYS! TWO BOYS! And then Bill immediately disappeared to go call his dad at home.

Big Bill was sound asleep when the call came.

“Dad,” said young Bill to his father, “it’s two boys!”

“You don’t mean it!” exclaimed Big Bill.

“Yes, dad, it is! I have two boys!”

Both men dropped the phone in their excitement.

Young Bill came back to find me and see how I was doing.

Big Bill shot out of bed like a rocket.

Now normally, you wouldn’t see Big Bill unless he was dressed to the nines. This was a man who was meticulous about his clothes and he polished his shoes every single morning before work. He was punctual to a fault and never had a hair out of place. On top of that, he was a handsome dead-ringer for James Garner and was often mistaken for that celebrity when he traveled.

But not tonight.

Big Bill pulled on his trousers, wrapped a wrinkled shirt around his shoulders, buttoned up the wrong way, and slipped on his shoes with no socks. He jumped in the car and headed to town. At every red light he slowed almost to a stop to make sure no one was around and then went right on through. He made it back to the hospital in record time.

The rest of the family, who had been there for well over 12 hours at this point, were still sitting in plastic chairs outside the elevator to the maternity floor. Suddenly, to their surprise, Big Bill BURST through the double swinging doors so forcefully that both doors swung back and hit the wall.

“Where are they?” Bill demanded.

“We haven’t seen them yet,” said Karen. “Calm down, Dad, before you have a stroke!”

And right about that time, the nurses came through those same double doors with two incubators with the twin boys inside.

The entire family rose to their feet and closed in on the little rolling cribs.

But Big Bill was having none of that….

“Stand back!” he shouted. “Give them air!” And immediately everyone fell back.

And right then, I was wheeled through the door and saw them all there in the hall in a big cluster around my newborn sons. My husband was beaming from ear to ear and took control of that crowd while I was pushed on down the hall to a hospital room.

twins newborn

I was still in a bit of a daze and wasn’t completely sure of all that had happened. And even though it was almost 2am, the nurses recognized our excitement and humored us all.

I was transferred into a regular hospital bed and most of the family left. The ones that remained were my mom and Bill and Betty and they came to my room and stood on the left side of my bed. The nurses brought my new son Billy in for me to see and admire. He was pink and healthy and a joy to behold.

And then they brought me Brad. My baby I hadn’t seen yet. They told me he was a robust 6 pounds, 7 ounces, born at 1:11 am and that he was just fine. I looked at him in wonder. “He looks like a little mouse,” I said. I reached out to touch him but was almost too tired to hold him. The nurse held him close to me and I gave him a kiss on his tiny warm cheek. His little hands wiggled close to his face and they took him back to the nursery.

My mother and my in-laws, Bill and Betty were also newly in love with these beautiful babies. They patted me from the side of the bed and told me to rest and that they would be back the next day. Big Bill was so happy he could burst. And so were my mother and Betty. It was one happy day to be celebrated in our lives.

After everyone left, Dr. Clark came in to check on me. He gently squeezed my ankles and told me to sleep. I was exhausted but I noticed that he took a seat in a chair at the foot of my bed. And every once in a while when I would wake up, he was still there.

“Dr Clark?” I would say weakly… And he would rouse and touch my ankles again.

“Go to sleep, little girl,” he would say, and settle back in that uncomfortable straight chair.

When morning came he was still there but he got up and checked me one more time. Then he disappeared and left me on my own. I knew I had made it through the night and he had stayed with me just to be sure. It was a wonderful feeling.

Meanwhile, Bill and Betty had gone home and my mother went back to our house with my husband Bill. They had a couple drinks to celebrate before mom went home as well. It was still stifling hot so Bill decided to sleep in the glider on the front porch. In his underwear. Tighty Whities.

The sound of a lawnmower woke Bill up the next morning and for a minute he didn’t know where he was. He gradually remembered falling asleep on the porch and then noticed that there was new mail in the box in front of him. It must have been quite a surprise for the mailman to come up on the porch and see the man of the house snoring away in his undies. But Bill didn’t care one bit. He got his sons and it was time to go buy some cigars.

And naturally this wasn’t the end of the story. It was merely the beginning.

The Twins were here. And now we had to care for them and make sure they grew and thrived.

Thank goodness I was only 21 years old. And had a mother-in-law who was inexhaustible. No two boys in the world ever got more love or better care. Or caused such a commotion just arriving in the world!

That’s the Daubenmires for ya!

Proud Papa with his sons!

Bill twins

Love my babes even with my eyes closed!

Starr twins2

new-baby-clipart-1-tnCutest boys in the world!

boys stripes

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. scoopcoop69
    Jun 23, 2015 @ 01:25:07

    What a ride that was, Starr! Such a great story and for you to remember in such detail was unreal! I remember in bits and pieces, but not like that. It was such fun to read and I wish you had pictures to post for us. I think your posts are great and what they mean to you is such an inspiration to me! Thank you! ~ Patti


  2. thesketchylife
    Jun 23, 2015 @ 06:13:00

    Thanks, Patti. Actually, my son has the collection of family pics on his computer and I think I’ll ask me to find a few certain ones that go with this story when he has time. I would love to have the pics that go with this!


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