Jurassic World

I think it was just about 22 years ago that my family made a beeline for the movie theater to see the breakout movie, Jurassic Park. And what a thrill it was! We jumped in our seats and munched popcorn between scenes where someone would suddenly be ejected off camera into a waiting dinosaur’s mouth. Yikes!

Back then I didn’t have any grandkids yet – now I have 5 and a new one due in a few weeks. (Very excited for that!)

So last week, my daughter called me up and said, “hey… wanna go see Jurassic World with us on opening day?”

Wow, did I! Her kids are my oldest grands. AJ is 16, Josey is 15 and Colin is 13. All old enough for some dino action. I actually got excited about it because I knew it would be rich in special effects and I could enjoy it without getting scared out of my wits for real…

You see, I am not a person who likes scary movies. Not the slashy murder type anyway. Good grief… that stuff really happens! I don’t need to know too much about it to keep me awake at night!

But dinosaurs? I’ve got that covered. They are not sharks in the oceans or grizzlies in the woods so I can get down with non-existent dinosaurs. Seeing them recreated is rather fun.

So me and the fam met at the theater and we all stocked up on popcorn and drinks. We snuck in our candy treats as usual. We rearranged our seats a couple times until we were all comfy. (Colin is the youngest and he still wants to sit next to his Nonna (me) so that’s how we roll.)

Finally the movie started. Colin and I were sharing a monstrous bag of popcorn and enjoying every salty, fake-buttery bit of it. We whispered back and forth because we knew the movie was going to get pretty exciting any minute.

And it did…

Jurassic World is a theme park, you know. And soon the dinos are gonna go wild. But for now, a huge shark is lowered over a water tank and the MOST ENORMOUS CRAZY CREATURE swoops out of the water to eat it! We all lunge back in our seats and try not to choke on our popcorn.

And that’s only the beginning….

Now we are immersed in the movie. The villian-istic Indominous Rex gets loose and the entire park is in danger. One thing leads to another and soon Teradactyls are swarming the skies and plucking innocent park-goers off the ground. We duck and sway in our seats.

But of course there is our hero, Owen – and his previously non-admitted love interest, Claire. Who just happens to have her nephews visiting the park that day and they are in imminent danger! Oh no!!!

Claire (in high heels) joins Owen to rescue said nephews who are busy rebuilding a car engine in the long-lost parking garage of Jurassic Park film #1. How a 12 and 15 year old are capable of this is a bit mysterious but we fully believe that not only can they do it… they will escape from Indominous Rex – leaving Owen and Claire to battle it out on their own. We can only wonder… will Claire be able to run in those shoes?

Colin and I continued to eat our popcorn and exchanged many surprised glances. And occasionally we reared back in our seats and stared at each other in surprise. This went on for the whole movie! (I don’t think Colin could open his mouth any wider!)

At last, Owen takes his team of raptors on the hunt through the Jungle for the wicked predator. He is their “Alpha” and they run furiously by his side as he speeds his motorcycle through the night-lit vegetation. The Raptors are my FAVORITE so I have drawn them here…

Jurassic World

Let’s just say the movie plays out as you would expect but in true predatory style, you never see the surprises coming. And that’s what makes it so fun. Colin had wrapped his arm in mine and would occasionally hide his face but at one point he jumped back so forcefully in his seat while our arms were still entwined that he nearly caused me to slap him in the face with my own hand!

But what a fun time we had.

Honestly, it was the best film I’ve seen in ages. I love getting scared over things you can’t really get scared about. And that’s a rare thing. It’s like going to an amusement park. Everyone wants to ride the roller coaster for a thrill. Ha! I HATE roller coasters… they scare the liver out of me. They are NOT fun. They are DEATH TRAPS as far as I am concerned.

Nope… take me to a spin-ny ride immediately. The spin-nier… the better. The scrambler? Love it! And my favorite? That one at Cedar Point (Sandusky OH) where you get in this big round tube with velcro on the walls. It spins so fast that when they drop the floor out from underneath you, you stick to the wall! Your hair is plastered all round your head and you are hanging there for dear life. I could ride that thing all day. (And I have… alone!)

So give me spin-ny rides and movies like Jurassic World. That’s my idea of a BLAST!!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. scoopcoop69
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 23:23:24

    LOVED this post and can’t wait to see the movie….(my ol’ poopy hubby didn’t want to go :(….I know he was tired…to be fair). But he is off 3 days so we may be gettin’ out o’ Dodge to see it. The sketch was GREAT…makes me want to see it even more! Thanks, Starr!! ~Patti


  2. thesketchylife
    Jun 15, 2015 @ 12:06:38

    You’re gonna love it, Patti! Let me know when you see it so we can compare notes!


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