Finishing up the Hampton Garden

Hi everyone! Thanks for indulging me while I recount my once-fabulous Hampton Garden. It took years to build and develop – with a lot of help – and it meant so much to me. I think this post will get the rest of the decent sketches out of that garden journal and then we’ll have to move on.

Moving on is never a problem. Fortunately for me, my best friend in the world (my daughter Ellyn) has been establishing my new garden. She asked me the other day what I will call this one. I have been referring to the one at my former house as the “Hampton Garden” since I lived on a lovely street called Hampton Place. And NO ONE had a garden or house or front porch as nice as mine. I couldn’t have done it alone, of course. But all my kids helped and I spent many a year enjoying it for all it was worth.

My new place is in a complex called Greenmont Village. Ellyn and I were tossing about the idea of the “Greenmont Garden.” But as I sit here and think about it, I’m kind of favoring the “Village Garden.” It just has a nice ring to it for me. (You are welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments below and I will consider them!)

Meanwhile, let’s wrap up the Hampton Garden which will always live in my memory. And isn’t that a nice thing? Nothing stays the same forever, but no one can ever take your memories from you. Thank goodness for that. So here we go…

My back garden on Hampton had a lot of shade and Hostas were the perfect filler plant. I had many varieties…

Hampton Hostas

After the big old Water Maple Tree out front had to come down, I got LOTS of sun in the bed right by the front porch. It was perfect for a KnockOut rose in cherry red. That thing got ENORMOUS and thrived in that spot!

Knockout RoseAnd since I love Roses so much, Ellyn helped me plant a few more in the sunniest spots.

sky's the limitRoses

Then…. the only thing I love as much as flowers…. is TOMATOES. Oh my…. GLORIOUS TOMATOES. Big ones, little ones. early ones. late ones… I love them all. In fact there was a very small variety called SPUN SUGAR (or something like that) that was my absolute favorite. They were a small yellow oval about the size of a grape and not a one of them ever made it to the house. When I would look out the window and see that flash of yellow in the sun, I would race out and pluck it and eat it on the spot. Most delicious thing in the entire world.


So now we have wrapped up the Hampton Garden and I will be continuing on with my new Village Garden. It is the highlight of this time of year. It is not like my former garden at all, but it is still very lovely. And there is lots to tell!

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