Short, Quick and Sweet

I realized today that what I’m going for in my new-found passion for portrait sketches is “short, quick and sweet.” In other words, portraying a lot with a spare amount of line and color and not overworking the whole thing to death. Which is what I usually do.

Today I am sketching Alison. We’ve been online friends for around 10 years even though we’ve never met in person. We found each other on a forum where we had things in common and have remained friends for all this time. We actually talked by phone a time or two, but other than that, it is an online thing where we keep up with each other.

Alison is a professor at San Jose State University. She teaches Film Studies (I don’t know the actual name for it, but it’s all about movies.) Pretty cool, huh?

So I did my best to make an “arty” drawing of her. It took me two tries. The first one got so overworked it no longer looked like her so I had to start over. I’m still experimenting with lots of color, but I think Alison will appreciate this. She’s all about films and art and all that. So I tried to keep my second attempt short, quick and sweet…


Also, in the last few days, I’ve done a couple spreads in my everyday journal that I haven’t posted.

First is “Salt Wars.” It is a home-cooking adventure about breaking my salt jar lid and then dumping an entire container of salt into a pan of pasta water. Not on purpose.

The good thing about these everyday adventures is that the thought of recording them in my sketch blog keeps me from getting all bent out of shape when these things happen. My brain goes immediately to how to tell the story in an amusing way. Which means I clean up the mess and go get out my sketchbook. Great therapy!

salt wars

And then there is an entry on CAVIAR. Oh my! This is another luxury food I never thought I’d eat but I’ve come to love it. And not the cheap stuff, either. Several times a year I order small amounts from my favorite vendor and go nuts. And I treat it like the royalty it is. It comes shipped in a thermal bag to keep it cold. I keep that going by serving it on ice. I also use mother-of-pearl spoons to scoop it out of its container. This is not as extravagant as it sounds. You can get the spoons quite inexpensively online and then you avoid the problem of tainting the caviar by touching it with a metal utensil. (And if you’re going to pay a premium price for caviar, you certainly want to do this!)

By the way, don’t forget to order a packet of blinis (small buckwheat pancakes) along with your caviar. They are wonderfully scrumptious and make all the difference in the world. And a nice shot of ice cold vodka (straight from the freezer) doesn’t hurt either!


So that’s my tale for today. I can cruise along in the daily journal anytime. The portrait sketches remain a challenge. But I’ll keep trying. And my new motto is “Short, Quick and Sweet.” Let’s see if I can do it!

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