Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

I’m a die-hard Beatles fan from way back. And when I see the words, “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da” I recognize them from the chorus of the 1968 song “Life Goes On.”

And oh how it does!

In the song, Molly and Desmond meet and fall in love. Pretty soon he buys her a ring and things take their course…

“In a couple of years they have built

a home, sweet home

with a couple of kids running in the yard…

Of Desmond and Molly Jones

(Ah ha ha ha ha ha)”

I hope you remembered those lyrics and were singing along with me.

But if not, you just aren’t the Beatles fan that I am and that’s fine.

My point today is that life, indeed, does go on.

Only yesterday I was a new bride and a new mama welcoming my babies into the world. Now they have babies of their own. And it won’t be long before those babies are having babies! Oy vey!

Meanwhile, two of my nieces (among others!) have started their families and are enthralled with their own offspring. And that’s what I decided to put in the sketchbook today… my grand-nieces… Meredith and Maggie Jean.

Again, these are “sketches” – not finished or formal portraits, so they may be a bit wonky. No matter. It is how I am practicing to do personal sketches more quickly. And I have to tell you, it hasn’t been as easy as I would have thought.

First, I don’t particularly like doing babies. They have very smooth skin with no lines in it and very big eyes. I find that much harder to work with. Reason being, an older person has a face much more like a road map and it is easier to nail down. I don’t mean that as a bad thing. It is just more fun to be able to capture some character as opposed to the innocent, wide, line-less faces of babes.

Anyway, I’m challenging myself, so here goes. My niece Amanda (who has a new baby on the way) has this toddler, Meredith…

Meredith 2

Another niece, Rachael has new baby Maggie, which I did twice on one page…

Maggie 1

Maggie 2The sketchbook spread looks like this…

Maggie Mere spread

And I do love how the family keeps growing. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da and the babes keep coming.

In fact,one of my sons and his wife are expecting baby number two in July. (Number six grand for me!) We are all very excited because there is no happier event than a new bambino joining our ranks. So I’ll be waiting – and probably NOT drawing that little bundle of joy when she gets here. Just too squishy to portray well!

But there is one other thing I always think about when it comes to burgeoning families…

These young parents – who are gushing over their new little darlings – don’t seem to realize that they themselves were once the most precious babes ever born – to us as their parents. And then they turned into teenagers. Of course, it wasn’t legal to lock them in the garage for five years, so we just all had to live through it until they came out the other side, fell in love like Molly and Desmond, and started the cycle again. Now they think they invented the whole business!

So, yeh, they’ve got their “couple of kids running in the yard” at present. But those of us who’ve been there knows what happens next…

Ob-la-di, ob-li-da… Life Goes On!

(Ah ha ha ha ha ha!)

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