Free at Last!

With respect to MLK, I am not referring to civil rights here.

No, I am celebrating the fact that I finally got my steam mop fixed. By myself!

I posted here about 10 days ago that I sorely missed having a cleaning lady. A lament brought on because my new steam mop was out of order… I couldn’t get the lid off the old bottle of spray solution to put on the new bottle to refill the mop. So I cut the lid off the bottle with a Ginsu knife and went at it with the pliers. I chewed that thing to pieces and still the lid wouldn’t budge.

But I wouldn’t give up.

I left the gnarled lid and pliers on the counter and every day I would look at it and curse under my breath. Then I’d give it a few more twists with the pliers before dropping it again. This went on for a good week or so.

Then, yesterday, with one mighty effort, the thing let loose! I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Suddenly I had the lid I needed – maybe a bit worse for wear – and it was free to put on the new bottle.

I scrambled to the pantry, screwed the lid onto the bottle and clicked it into the mop. Voila! Good to go!

I was so excited I immediately commenced cleaning the john. And believe me, few things will excite me enough to do that willingly!

Soon all was sparkling and as I mopped my way out of the bathroom, steam hissing, I just stood for a moment and almost heard the angels sing.

Is that a bit dramatic? Maybe. But you try wrestling a stuck lid with the pliers for over a week and see how victorious you feel when you win!

The way I see it, life is hard enough. I’m ready to rejoice over any achievement these days!

However, I do not claim to be June Cleaver. Which is why I spoofed myself in my sketch book over this incident…

steam mop

I had looked at some 50s advertisements and found one for Surf Washing Powder that said “I was in a fix.” That struck me funny. Of course that ad featured a woman making her man happy by cleaning, so I left the man part out. Nope to the man… it was just me and the pliers for over a week.

So that lid is free at last and I am a happy independent girl.

But if you want to visit, you should call first. I don’t have a cleaning lady so I might need to get out the steam mop and give the bath a once-over.

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