Frosty Time in Ohio

Hey Everyone… I haven’t been posting in a while but I recently put a couple experiences on facebook. That reminded me how much I like to write and tell stories, so even though I’m not painting a whole lot these days (yes, I’m doing some sketchbook work!) I still want to post various stuff. Here’s what happened back on February 16 – just about a month ago. This is what I posted on Facebook that night…

2010-apr-29-017Oh my – I just had a little more frosty excitement than I bargained for! I cleaned off my back walk and came in and locked the door. Then, since the snow is light and powdery, I figured I might as well sweep the front walk, too. First I slid some bacon in the oven and went out front. Beautiful crisp night. After sweeping, I took a deep breath and started back inside. But… the door was locked! Now I have NEVER locked that screen door, ever, so I was a bit dumbfounded. I jerked on it over and over. Locked. I looked around and tried again. Locked. I stood there for a minute perplexed. Tried again. Locked.

Thankfully, I had my phone in my pocket so I called 911. I told them it wasn’t a HUGE emergency, but I was standing outside in my robe – with bacon in the oven inside – and it was getting mighty chilly. Could they please come without sirens on and bring a screwdriver to pry the door open??

20 min later I called again. Now my toes are ice cubes and the timer on the bacon went off 15 min ago. Supposedly they are on the way but I see nothing. I make my way to the neighbors when it has been a half hour. Finally the officer pulls up and informs me he’s not allowed to break the door down because it’s not a true emergency. Also, I cannot get in the cruiser to warm up because he has a dog in there that is NOT friendly. Right on cue, the dog barks his warning at me.

I yell for the neighbor to bring a screwdriver and together he and the officer break me back into my house. The policeman runs in and turns off the oven and says the bacon looks pretty crisp but might still be edible. It barely is.

I’m a bit done in so I’m defrosting my toes at the moment and wondering if I can salvage a bacon sandwich out of the deal. And are you like me – phone always on hand?? It’s a lifesaver!!! Brrrrrrr……

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