It’s Saturday – What Else Can I Say?

As usual, there’s never a dull moment on Saturday in Lucca. This place matches any big city in the world for action on the street, but the difference is that Lucca feels like your own small home town. You can wander all over this town, safe as can be, and find something new all the time.

I’ve been focusing on finishing my paintings the last few days as it will soon be time to pack them up for home. I want to give them a few days to dry before loading. Then… I have a plan for revealing them, which will be posted on the blog in the next day or two.

ImageAnyway, I went out at noon today for a walk and errands and there is a Renaissance Fair going on in my neighborhood. And it was good timing because just as I started down the street, here came a parade!

ImageNothing like a drum corps to cheer up the day. They were complete with flag bearers and people dressed in costume as the “audience.” After marching around a couple blocks, they went up in the center of San Michele Square and put on a show.

ImageThe flag bearers did a lot of tossing of banners all around and the crowd gathered to watch. Then off they marched to another part of the city to repeat the whole thing.

I did my marketing, got a piece of pizza for lunch, and went back home to paint. But since my apartment is right in the thick of things, I couldn’t help but hear the buzz on the street. Man was it crowded out there! I had to go back out and walk around!

ImageIt is getting VERY nippy now – winter temps are here. But does that keep these folks inside? Nope. Not only are the streets shoulder to shoulder with people, the outdoor cafes are FULL. There are people everywhere, bundled up for the weather, and walking and shopping full tilt. It really is like trying to walk at the fair – that’s how busy and crowded it is. You can’t cross Via Filungo without getting jostled.

And then there’s the dogs…

ImageItaliani ei loro cani! (Italians love their dogs!) They are everywhere. I’ve never seen so many dogs out and about. And the funny thing is they are so well behaved. They must be raised to be sociable because you see them in the cafes, in the shops, even in the restaurants and no one minds a bit.

ImagePeople do stop and let other dogs check out their dog, but rarely do you hear any fracas about it. And I’ve yet to see much of a dog mess anywhere.

A lot of people have two dogs with them, and some even have three. And I’ve seen many a pup riding high and dry in the basket of a bicycle…


This pup sat at the table with his human for the entire meal.


Lots o’dogs in the cafes.


Trio of canines.


No size limit!

There seems to be an abundance of poodles and small terriers. Probably easier for smaller living spaces. I am particularly fond of those breeds and every once in a while I just want to scoop one up and run home with it. Alas, the reason I don’t have a dog is that I’m allergic – which I hate.

So that’s my last Saturday in Lucca for now. I’m about to clean up the painting stuff, heat up some supper and relax with some hot tea and a good book.

Only a post or two left and I’ll be heading home to southwest Ohio…

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paula
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 01:31:13

    I love the black fuzzy dog! Look at that face! Also got a good look at the cobblestone streets. Always like them. Are these the ones they take up, number and replace? Can,t believe you’re almost out of Lucca time. I have loved and looked forward to every blog. Thank you Starr for sharing!


  2. Vicky Gerber
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 07:52:31

    I juist wanted to let you know how much the kids and I have enjoyed reading about your wonderful adventures! What a great experience! We will need to get together sometime once you get back to Ohio and get settled. : )


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