Ho Hum from Italy

Oh how boring! Nothing new to report!

It was raining…

It was gloomy…

I got up early and checked my email. Nothing exciting so I went back to bed…

And that was pretty much it.

Ho hum from Italy. No matter where ya live, it gets boring. Especially when it rains.

But here’s the thing. In Italy – in a city where everyone walks or bikes anyway – no one stays home! That’s right. it was crowded as ever on the streets only you had umbrellas to contend with! If you find yourself on a collision course you simply have to nod and raise or lower the umbrella. The other person reciprocates. And I’m tellin’ ya, these streets were busy no matter how hard it rained. Didn’t matter. Bikers just ride on. Walkers just walk on. And every shop and restaurant and bakery has an umbrella stand by the door for you to park your wet one while you come in and shop. Perfectly normal. Crazy, I tell ya. But crazy as in I love it!

I worked on the computer for a while in the morning and then went out for a walk. Can you believe this is me? Having to go out for walks – more than once a day? Vero! True!

I decided to search for the post office since I hadn’t found it yet – and yay – I now know where it is. So when I need to mail some things home, I know where to go to pay the ransom, ’cause that’s what it will probably amount to..

Coming back I passed the wine bar where I had the tasting the other day. I saw the owner sitting all by his lonesome having a cup of caffe, so I stopped to chat. I told him how much I enjoyed the wine and the book and he was quite pleased. So then of course I had to show him my sketch book. I’m such a shameless fool about my sketch book….

Anyway, he was duly impressed and would like me to do a few sketches of the wine bar that he can BUY! Can do! I did take some photos, but today was so gray and rainy I don’t know if I got anything I can work with. Drats.

ImageThen I headed back home past the fav gelato place… had to stop and get ciaccolata, crema and fiore di latte. Mmm mmm mmm. This place is the best. The stuff literally melts in your mouth. Surely it is mandatory to eat one serving of gelato on any day you spend in Italy!

This is the little stand they put your cone in while you fumble around and get your money out to pay. Now that I know the price I usually get my money ready before I go in, ’cause once they hand you that gelato, it is time to eat!

Then it was back home again to check the internet. Nothing going on for me. Drats again.

So I worked on some sketches for a while. I need to paint as much as possible while here and everything counts. These are the sketches of the day…


Another view of the Duomo


Lion lampost in Firenze


Last page of the sketchbook – the beautiful San Michele…

Finally, this evening I just HAD to go out. I went down to Michele’s taverna – they are knowing me there and will bring me some wine and leave me alone while I sketch. Michele is very attentive (MB thinks he likes me), but I notice he treats all his customers like he does me and we have a good time.

This evening there was another man in the restaurant and he paid particular attention to me. Too bad he isn’t a Witness – or had all his teeth! He seemed quite nice. He watched me sketch for quite a while, so once again I produced my book and handed it over. The man was enthralled! He must have looked at it for an hour. He only spoke Italian but he frequently would flag down Michele and ask him to translate something to me. All very flattering.

ImageFinally he handed the book back over (I thought he was gonna try to take it!) and got very quiet for a while. I didn’t really notice as I was drawing. Then… he approached me and handed me a note. It was all in Italian – written very small on both sides of the paper – and he wanted me to read it. Well, I tried my best, but I got very little of it in actuality. I’m not sure he knew that by the grin on his face…

So if you can read italian – don’t tell me! I really don’t want to know. But I will file it in the sketchbook as a precious memory because it is.

And that was my day today.

How was yours?

You can always leave me comments here, you know. I love hearing from everyone and I think I am actually getting just a tad homesick. It’s been almost two months now and I have been out of touch with the people I love most in the world. So please, leave me a message!

Love to all, and ciao for now…

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paula
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 18:27:03

    MMMMM gelato!!! That looked yummy. What a note left to you! I don,t read Italian, but do spanish and so was able to make out a few word thoughts! You are gonna have to translate sometime. It could’ve been a proposition! You know those hot-blooded Italians as my mom likes to call them. She should know she’s half. Oh well it turned out to be a good day in the sketchy like of Starr!!! You made me laugh again!!


  2. Ellyn
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 18:55:09

    I’m dying to know what that letter says. Good lord, woman, translate it already!

    I like the painting of the Duomo. Have you done any serious work yet? The sketches are lovely, but a little boring, at least to me. But that’s only because I know what you’re capable of. Where are the nudes?

    Oooohhh, maybe, the man wrote in the letter that he’s available to model. Wouldn’t that be interesting?


    • Paula
      Oct 27, 2012 @ 13:35:10

      Oh Ellyn, that’s exactly what quiet Dave said! Maybe the man wanted to know if Starr painted nudes and could he be one of them. Or worse, does “she” paint in the nude. Yeah, from quiet Dave of all people.


  3. the more travelly billy...
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 14:22:56

    You are one giant chicken if you don’t have it translated. I can tell you what it says and I don’t read Italian. But, just be flattered and move on…

    I tell you, I won’t be satisfied until Miss Ellyn does the following (but then again she surprised me with a couple of her posts):
    – she needs to throw out and gaspy “Oh Mother!”
    – hopefully with at least one but preferably two hands drawn to her mouth associated with the gasp I can hear down in Fairfield

    That is all I ask for this to be successful. I agree, we need some paintings. Seems someone isn’t leaving her comfort zone of sketch books. And yes, nudes! I figure you will only feel safe with a female so that will take some boldness on your part to ask. The dudes will volunteer. Just sayin’…

    As for me, since you asked, I am in my favorite city of the USA, especially for Halloween. N’awlins for VooDooFest. I am kinda happy that Green Day cancelled and Metallica took their place. But of course I am having fun. If you don’t have fun down here, you have no one to blame but yourself.

    Take care and let’s see some boldness…


  4. Janet Collins
    May 27, 2017 @ 19:24:05

    I agree you must translate because I need to know what it says lol


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