An Extraordinary, Ordinary Day

Lucca is a busy place on Saturday! The streets are so packed you have to just amble along with the crowds. Which actually makes it a bit easier on me. MB started the day with a jog on the wall, then we did laundry and hung it out, and after that we took off for a sight-seeing walk. Eventually I took a cafe break so she could do some power window-shopping without me slowing her down.

ImageThen, making our way back we heard this very loud rock music and looked over to see some young people modeling clothes while standing on boxes in front of a shop. There was a wine bar set up and people began flocking down that alley – including us. It was kind of exciting for just being people standing on boxes! (But then it doesn’t take much to entertain me…)

ImageWe continued home through the crowd and there was one section on the main drag where all the old guys were gathered. Just like everywhere I’ve been in Italy, you see groups of men just chatting away. I never see the women – just the men. Their wives are probably glad to get them out of the house for a while.

ImageBack at the apartment, the Saturday night crowd was starting to gather at the cafe right across from us. The church steps seem to be a major hangout for young people and the cafe has a band on weekend nights. It’s just a girl singer and a guitar player, but they can rock.

ImageBut we just got our bearings and turned around and went back out for wine and dinner. I could get used to this going out for dinner every night. It might be boring at home, but here you can walk just a few blocks and choose from a dozen cafes and osterias. Hasn’t gotten old yet! I had been to the place we went tonight once before and the people beside me had said the tiramisu was the best they ever had.

ImageSo when I mentioned it to MB, we had to split one. And yes, we concurred – it is probably the world’s best tiramisu. MB kept saying “you don’t want any more of this, do you?” I’m pretty sure she’ll be sneaking back to that place to have one all for herself.

ImageIt was after 10 when we headed back to the apartment and the cafe crowd was in full swing. We were fascinated by the guitar the guy was playing. Take a look at this instrument – I can’t tell if the body is hollow or if it has some kind of clear surface I couldn’t see. Bill – Brad – Larry – have you ever seen a guitar like this?

And not only that, it had a GREAT sound. This guy and the girl singer were putting out a lot music for two people. We stood and listened for a while, but are back in our room now and the band is taking a break. However, it is only 11pm on Saturday night, so I’ll bet they’ll be playing another set. MB is gonna have to put on her headphones to sleep. At least in my room, when I shut it all up, most of the street noise is blocked.

So that’s Saturday in Lucca. Just an ordinary day, but we saw so many un-ordinary things. Kind of fun to have an extraordinary, ordinary day…

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  1. Billy D
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 08:09:08


    That is just an electric guitar with a plywood frame in the shape of an acoustic guitar. That is empty space where you would typically see the body of the guitar. The frame allows the guitar to sit on his lap just as a typical acoustic guitar would, and more importantly informs the viewing audience that they are indeed listening to a guitar. Les Paul’s first electric guitar was basically strings on a stick with no body, but the audience did not think they were hearing a guitar. He famously concluded that people “hear with their eyes”, attached a guitar shaped body, and the problem was solved.


    • thesketchylife
      Oct 15, 2012 @ 08:51:38

      fascinating! It really was cool to see even if the concept is “old hat’ to all you in-the-know musicians! Thanks!


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