Living Local

I’ve been challenged. My one particular friend, BBB, who has been instrumental in driving and supporting this trip to Italy wrote this on my blog yesterday…

“just because we have an apartment doesn’t mean we are living in it-ly. i am waiting to hear the story about how you picked up some fresh ingredients, borrowed the neighbors sauce recipe, swiped some tomatoes from the vine down the alley, and made some fresh pasta with a nice wine. so far, we are sounding too touristy and not so local. what about offering some interesting stranger 20 euros to paint them nekkid, or made out with a townie while you were working on your sketchbook over some wine? locals do that stuff ya know… it seems we are closer to girls shopping pics than some invigorated, impassioned, personally challenged art. clock is ticking missy…”

First of all, this post cracked me up. Second, it made me think.

What have I done so far in Lucca? Worry about two things…

The Internet

and My Feet

Both are royal pains in the you know what. And both are taking far too much of my time.

I will spare you all the gruesome, tedious details of the search for an internet connection and just say that I may be off the grid more than I would like while I am here. It isn’t for lack of trying – I’ve made myself a pure nuisance about it and you can ask my kids how unbearable that can be when I decide to do it. Guess what. The Italians don’t care. Non mi importa.

ImageSo I’m thinking I need to get a clue and get on with life. My feet are my feet. So I walk as slow as this poor soul. Hey – I actually passed her, so I’m still as mobile as I can get, right?
 So that’s that on the foot front.

It’s on to real life in Italy – per BBB’s reality check.

I DID find the art store yesterday and bought some supplies. Now I need to figure out how to pack them up and go paint. That’s what I came here for, so it’s time.

Now I will show you some local goodies…


Local getting spring water out of the public source


The bike of the day


the place I WON’T be visiting…


my lunch yesterday – wine and hot soup – yum!

ImageAnd this morning when I got up I spent some time watching out my bedroom window. How fascinating since most people don’t look up! I watched kids going to school. The little kids were going one direction and the teens another. Most were on bikes and lots of the little ones were on a seat behind mum or dad. Also, a lot stopped at the bakery right across from me. The kid would hop off, run in and come back out with a small bag containing a pastry and off they would go again.

ImageThe other thing I did this morning was laundry. The machine in the small bedroom was a challenge to figure out so I sat next to it while it ran to keep an eye on it. I’m still not sure how to use it – it kept going and going and going and I finally forced it to spin and unplugged it so I could unload it. Then I took the clothes and hung them on the line outside my terrace. You know how you always see the laundry on the lines all over the buildings in Europe? Well, here’s mine…

Now that’s local! It ain’t exactly “making out with a townie while sketching and drinking wine” – or snagging tomatoes out of someone’s garden – but it’s a start. And don’t forget, I DID nic a few figs from an orchard a while back. No credit for that???

So that’s it for now and I’m not sure how often I can get back on the net with the way things are going. I may be out painting and looking for nude models…

Be back when I can!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeanie Ader
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 17:32:31

    First – the next time you pass me and my walker, at least wave! 😉

    Second – it ain’t laundry unless your bloomers are hanging out there blowing for the world to see…


    • Ellyn
      Oct 05, 2012 @ 20:00:15

      Too funny, Jeanie!


    • thesketchylife
      Oct 06, 2012 @ 06:21:26

      I just didn’t want you to hear the click of the camera when I took the photo, Jeanie! And about the bloomers – they ain’t those dainty little things girls floss their bums with. Heck I’ve spent my whole life trying to keep things OUT of that space! But the bloomers might be mistaken for much bigger items – like table cloths. So they got a private airing on the terrace…


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