More Walking…

ImageI am determined to keep walking a lot and get used to it! Late on Saturday afternoon I decided to go to the bancomat, which is a far piece from my hotel and the first thing I saw was this bike parked in front of a building. This really is someone’s bike who is out running errands! Love it!

I had on my old lady walking shoes and my feet didn’t feel too bad, so I kept going. I really want to see more of the Promenade and it was bustling on Saturday night. Soon I came to a nice open space with a view of the sea. Lots of people were on the beach and still more were wandering the street. I took a few photos and kept going again.

ImageFinally I arrived at a good-sized book store – son Bill, you would have loved it. All the usual best sellers, but in Italian. And people were buying books and magazines by the stacks! I asked for a basic Italian phrase book as I lost mine during my move. I am struggling with the few words and phrases I know and this should help but I’m still a Yank in foreign territory.

So far when I’ve tried to say much in Italian, the waiter looks at me funny and starts speaking English…

I knew I had gone far enough and better turn around so I started the trek back. I found a very inexpensive cafe so stopped for a break. A glass of wine and a slice of pizza was only 3.80 euros. Too bad that cafe is so far from my hotel – I would have liked to try other things.

ImageBut when I got up from sitting for a while, oh my… my feet were half dead. So I tried to focus on the shop windows along the way. That was somewhat successful, but I couldn’t help being envious of the ladies of all ages gliding by in their 5″ heels. (I’m not kidding!) Good grief, what kind of feet do they have? I really don’t understand. And the pain that radiated up my shins with every step made me feel ever more like this Far Side cartoon… the Potatoheads in Paris. Notice that they are the full-figured ones while all the Parisians are stylish thin French Fries! That’s me!

And to make matters worse, you should see these ladies eat! I swear the No- and Low-Carb movement has done a complete bypass of Italy. I have been keeping a very close eye on other diners and their meals are incredible. Maybe they eat nothing else all day, but in a restaurant it is crazy. It’s bread, bread and more bread all day long.

The other night I did a double take when the young, thin couple beside me got their meal. He had a whole pizza and she had the largest calzone I’ve ever seen. Honestly, it looked like a football on a plate. I thought she would get away with a few bites, but was astounded when she ate the whole thing. And they drank a bottle of red wine between them. And this is not unusual! The couple on the other side of me each got a whole pizza – that’s how they serve it here. They set the whole pan right in front of you and you eat it with a knife and fork. The fact that I found a place to get just one slice of pizza was different.

Anyway, it was a long, long walk back and I looked longingly at the folks on bikes everywhere. I’d like to rent one for a few hours but I’m reluctant. They say you never forget how to ride one, but ask my son Bill about picking me up in my own driveway the last time I tried that. We’ll see if my feet force me into trying again. Meanwhile I will ignore the pain and gory blisters and keep walking…

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  1. ellynm
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 18:50:07

    I bet thet can eat all that bread because the grain they made it from didn’t start out as Roundup Ready GMO seed. Plus, all that walking doesn’t hurt either.


  2. ellynm
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 18:50:33



  3. the better billy...
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 21:49:52

    i can’t enter comments at work but catching up from home. they do walk a lot there and i think that keeps them fit. i could never figure out how everyone was shopping all day long. i think their pizza is at least 50% less fat than ours – ours is way greasier. i will say of all my trips around the world, i thought italian women were the most attractive.

    on a side note, i did my half ironman today. it went ok. i am beat from the drive home and barely ate. somehow my stomach wasn’t interested.

    on your internet complaints, can you not download stuff when you have internet access and take your ipad or whatever with you to a cafe and work out and about? i don’t understand why you need constant internet to work.


  4. thesketchylife
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 01:45:39

    Congrats on the half-ironman! Never quit!

    I guess I need internet constantly because of how I work. I have to footnote and document everything with reliable sources which I am constantly looking for. While I’m writing one thought will lead to another and I am always googling new angles for ways to say and present things. I don’t know where the process is going ahead of time so I can’t just find a source and sit down and use it. The newsletter I just did had 60 footnotes (everything has to pass a legal review). I am known for the amount of research I do, and that is how I do it.

    I spent hours looking for an internet cafe here – there isn’t one near me in Viareggio. The bars and restaurants do not provide wi-fi and there is not a public wi-fi space near like there was in Pisa.

    Hopefully that goes more smoothly in Lucca!


  5. the better billy...
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 18:08:33

    if you go to internet cafes, you will run up a pretty good charge. they are kinda meant for quick checks of e mail but not like 8 hours of work. most small b &b type hotels won’t have wireless. you will find the mcdonalds there have free wireless but it isn’t as common as here. and if you get away from a good sized city, there won’t be mcdonalds. i am sure you will find it if you try. good luck.


  6. Billy D
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 06:56:57

    I’m glad you keep on walking despite the pain – it will eventually go away as you adapt. Be careful if you rent a bike and stick to smooth roads and for the love of all things Italian please don’t rent a scooter. I don’t want Mrs. Potatohead to be Mrs. Potatocake!


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