Getting Back to Normal…

ImageHmmm… I guess I shouldn’t call it “normal.” I am in Italy after all. And at the sea coast at that. So have a look at this photo I took this morning… isn’t it glorious? I was totally shocked when I saw it downloaded. The real scene didn’t look nearly so dramatic, but you never know when the camera will be a bit smarter than you are and bring it all home…

So, yeh, I walked on the beach this morning after the rain cleared. It was fabulous – the beach is wide and flat – and very controlled. All of the umbrellas and chairs are owned by one enterprise or another and you cannot rest your bum unless you pay. The hotel I am at has an “agreement” with the beach club called Nuovo Italiano – and for a mere 20 euros a day you can have your very own chair and umbrella and swim in the pool! I may do that later in the week if it warms up again just because I love the whole beach thing…

Now, I want to quickly flash back to last night. I went out of the hotel and went the opposite way – toward the town instead of toward the beach – to see if I could find a local population and regular things like a supermarket that is not for tourists. I did find it, but along the way, I was enchanted once again…

About 2 blocks from my hotel, in the opposite direction of the beach, is a huge, wooded public park. There are joggers, walkers and cyclists everywhere. ImageBut when I was walking by, I noticed a row of ponies tied up in a clearing. I had to investigate. And then I saw the most amazing thing… children were riding the ponies… and taking rides in the carts they pulled!

Now mind you, this was an ordinary Tuesday evening – not a weekend or holiday. And here were families in the park, walking, riding bikes, and giving their children pony rides!!!

And of course I spotted a group of a dozen old men circled round each other jawing the fat. I would have taken a pic but they saw me and it wouldn’t have been kind.

BUT… I mentioned getting back to normal. Well, it has to happen, I guess. The thing is, I DO have some work to do and I might as well get busy. The biggest perk of my so-called current job is that I can work from anywhere. So why not Italy? I did work a bit today – and at least the internet works in the hotel lobby. It doesn’t work so well in my room, but oh well. I can sit in the lobby of a beautiful Italian hotel and call it my office, right?

Oh aren’t I the funny one???


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellyn
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 19:44:36

    That IS a nice picture of the beach. The ocean is very photogenic!


  2. Vicky Gerber
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 20:50:03

    I showed the kids all of your pictures – starting from the beginning. Once they saw the pizza oven, they decided they wanted to go to Italy too! All of the other pictures only reinforced it. They both agreed that your painting of the Devil’s Bridge was the best and were quite impressed when I told them that you were a better artist than Daddy.


  3. thesketchylife
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 08:11:54

    That’s so funny, Vicky! I love letting another generation know about real pizza ovens. People here really do have them because they sell the components in the hardware stores! And I’m sure their Daddy is a very fine artist – I believe I saw some of his drawings one time and they were quite nice. So tell the kids Daddy is indeed a very good artist because everyone is different – and I say “ciao” (hello) to them from Italy!!!


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